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12-11-2015, Level Creek Elementary School, 4th grade

Friday folders......

Please remember to review, sign, and return graded papers, and the Friday folders on Monday.

Colonial Day is next Friday!


There will be a gift shop that every student will get to visit. If you are okay with your student purchasing you may send in some money. I wouldnot send in more than $20. It is like a Colonial dollar store.

All students should come dressed up like a colonist to school and dresses for whatever weather is occuring that day. We will be outside most of the day.

The event last all day long....from 9 -2:30 usually.

The sign up genie to help at Colonial Day was emailed out his morning. Here is that link:

General Class information

All Curriculum Night presentations are linked on our website.

The invitation to join our Quizlet account can also be located on our website. Study

Next Week's Important Events

You can find a homeroom special's schedule on our class website.

Week of December 14th

Monday Day 6, Social Studies Interim, Light Discussion Post due on Friday

Tuesday Chorus performance , Math Test

Wednesday Day 1 (PE), Light Test, LA Interim, Class Celebration (1:20)

Thursday Day 2 Math Interim, Writing Test

Friday COLONIAL DAY!!!!!!!!!!, (Light discussion due today) End of Nine Weeks!

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