separatism in canada

how the government views separatism

canadian government treats separatism like its no big deal 61% og Canadians think Quebec has enogh soverrighnty within Canada and that percentage is only that low because 42% of Quebec want to seperate from canada according to Angus Reid poll.

seperatism now and in the 1900's

separaitism still exist to this day in Canada but it is not as bad as people feared in the 1900's parents that spoke english and sent there children to an english speaking school were scared that there freedom to speakand get good service at restaraunts would be lost forever because of a terroristgroup called FLQ was kidnapping federalist politicians in 1995.

now in canada the government kida just looks over separatism because only 42% of Quebecers want to seperate and the but it does still exist they won the 2012 provincial election.

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