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August 31, 2015

Use only the campus-approved hall passes, please. I sent it to you earlier as a word document so you can print as many as you need!


A couple of very important notes:

  • There is now an attendance bell each period to remind you when to take attendance. Remember that it is to be taken 5 minutes into a 50 minute class and 10 minutes into a 90 minute class, except for 2nd/6th period attendance which is taken at 10:00 am.
  • Sutton is notifying parents when students are marked absent, so be sure you are accurate.
  • Our state funding is based off of our attendance rate, so be sure you are accurate.
  • When we take students to truancy court, they will review our records and if they are not correct, it will affect our ability to hold students accountable for excessive absences, so make sure it is accurate!
  • It is very very very important, that you do not let students leave the classroom until after attendance taking time, and the students need to be reminded to not go anywhere between classes (because then they're late for attendance time and get counted absent).

The first Wednesday of each month is college day! Be sure to sport your favorite college's gear this Wednesday, September 2! Encourage your students to do the same!


Did anyone else watch that PBS show growing up?

Anyway, please be sure to make positive contact with the parents of students in each of your classes by September 15. It is totally acceptable to have a standard email that you send to each parent and then add a few personalized lines. It's a great way to start the school year on the right track with parents and it also lets students know you have an easy way to contact their parents!

The MAC is going to be used as a homework help/technology support each morning from 7:40 - 8:10 am. We plan on having NHS members and a tech helper in there to support students. We will have a sign in sheet to track who takes advantage of this. This should not replace your own tutorial times (which should be posted outside your classroom.)

Canvas and Technology!

So, iPads are deployed (by the end of today) what?!

Here is a reminder about the expectations for Canvas use this year:

¨ Course Description Posted ¨ Grading Guidelines Posted ¨ Scope and Sequence Posted

¨ Assignments Posted ¨ Unit Maps Posted ¨ Formative Assessment (Quizzes) ¨ Resources/Files

Randy will be holding a Canvas support training on Friday during your conference period to help you meet these goals. There will be a support workshop on Wednesday, September 16 on using formative assessments/quizzes.

Happy birth month!!

Saturday, September 5 - Heather Sutton's birthday!

Monday, September 14 - Cindy Slaughter's birthday!

Wednesday, September 16 - Steve Searle's birthday!

Tuesday, September 29 - Elisabeth Hunter's birthday!

Any time you are absent for at least half a day, you must use the aesop system so we can track the absence, even if you don't need a sub. This includes School-related absences!!!

Positive Reinforcement System (aka - Tickets)

We are giving out the red tickets as positive reinforcements. I explain it to kids like this: "We give you d-hall and ISS when you earn it. Now we give you something positive when you earn it." The kids have been more excited than I thought they would be about this...please feel free to give lots of them out at the beginning of school while you are trying to promote those school wide expectations!

Make sure you sign it (legibly) and then the students write their name on it and come to the reception desk to put their tickets in the bucket. Please do not send them during instructional time (I wouldn't think of it)! Thanks!

Goals are due in Appraise (through Eduphoria) by September 15. We should get that up and running in the next few days. I will send out an email when it's available.


Anyone who is interested in doing a fundraiser with the name Lago Vista High School associated with it (including sports fundraisers), must complete a Fundraiser Request Form from the front office (Sutton has them). Conducting a fundraiser without getting permission from the principal is not a good thing. I doubt I will ever say no, I just need to be in the know?

There will not be school for anyone next Monday, September 9, in honor of Labor Day!

Fire Drill!

So, plan on a fire drill each month. Our first one is scheduled for THIS THURSDAY, September 3, at 10:05 am. Make sure you are prepped for the fire drill procedures yourself. Do you know where your green and red sign is? You will need that!!

We will have our first pep rally this Friday in the big gym at 8:45 am. The theme is Blind the Badgers...wear neon!!

Our duty schedule...Compliments of Mr. Walker!

August 31 - September 18


Main Hallway - S. Standiford

Cafeteria - Statham

Student Drop Off - Wancho

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - S. Garcia

Student Pickup - Larkin

Grassy Knoll - Searle

Bus Pick Up - H. Stachowski

Backups: Howard, Pruitt

September 21 - October 9


Main Hallway - Ludlum

Cafeteria - Herrera

Student Drop Off - Baugh

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - Need volunteer to fill

Student Pickup - Saarinen

Grassy Knoll - Need volunteer to fill

Bus Pick Up - H. Stachowski

Backups: Mumme, Larkin

October 14 - October 30


Main Hallway - K. Timms

Cafeteria - S. Johnson

Student Drop Off - Hunter

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - Stahl

Student Pickup - Mumme

Grassy Knoll - Need volunteer to fill

Bus Pick Up - H. Stachowski

Backups: B. Holt, Baugh

November 2 - November 20


Main Hallway - B. Holt

Cafeteria - Howard

Student Drop Off - Pruitt

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - Chapman

Student Pickup - Kassell

Grassy Knoll - Kirchhoff

Bus Pick up - H. Stachowski

Backups: Hansen, Stahl

November 23 - December 16


Main Hallway - D. Smith

Cafeteria - K. Walker

Student Drop Off - Duong

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - J. Timms

Student Pickup - Hansen

Grassy Knoll - Grant

Bus Pick Up- H. Stachowski

Backups: S. Garcia, Standiford

December 17 & 18



Main Hallway/Bus Drop Off - Math Dept

Cafeteria - English Dept

Student Drop Off/Parking Lot - Science

After School

Main Hallway/Bus Pick Up - Social Studies

Student Pick Up/Parking Lot - Electives/CTE

Grassy Knoll/Bus Pick Up - Special Ed/LOTE

* Be prepared. If you cannot attend your duty, contact a back up person to cover your duty. If you do not get your duty covered, assume students will be unattended and unsafe in your area.

** Be prompt. Morning duty begins at 7:40 am and ends at 8:10 am.

***Student drop off and pick up are in the back of the school.

***Grassy Knoll is between the PAC and the main building, standing closer to the student parking lot to be presence in both the grassy area/parking lot.

On this Month's Calendar:

Check out the district's Month at a Glance ( and be sure you are using the LVHS Staff Google Calendar!