Lung Cancer

By Danielle C

Why you shouldn't smoke

With the most deadliest cancer which is lung cancer with the rate of 162,000 deaths anually a year in the U.s.

Smoking A Lot Causes Lung Cancer

By smoking a lot you are not just hurting your self by the smoke filling up in your lungs but by the people around you. When you smoke other people can get cancer its called second hand smoking and if you smoke not just you but your family could get cancer don't smoke your lungs cant hold a lot of smoke they turn black and your hair falls out then you have to go to chemo therapy. And you have to get a lot of chemo radiation and get cat scans to.

Vaping and cancer

Vaping is a new form of smoking were you put chemicals into an electronic cigarette heat the chemicals and breath in the vapor these chemicals are unregulated and contain ingridens that are know to cause cancer like formaldehyde most people switch to it because they think it healthy and safer.
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