The Show me state a fantastic State

Many people like to visit Missouri. In Missouri there are a lot of things to see, and places to visit. James D. Smith, and his family went to St. Louis Missouri for their summer vacation. The Smith's went up into the Arch to see every part of St. Louis Missouri.

Mr. Smith said that, "Even though that this is my first time in Missouri I feel like I was here in Missouri before. I know we are coming back." The Smith's came back but not to St.Louis to Branson.

The Pony Express Museum

In St. Joseph there are many museums but one of the museums is the Pony Express museum. In the 1800s the Pony Express started when the stage, and the freight company of Russell Majors, and Weddell. The owners are sending out horse riders to deliver the mail instead of boats, and wagon trains. When they send the wagon trains it took 25 days. The boat or the ship took 8-10 days. The horse took 15 miles even though that the riders had to change every 50 miles. the horse riders made recored time.

The Pony Express riders, and horses had to be fast, and the horses riders had to be light weight so the horses would get slowed down. The highest weight limit is about 125 pounds. Many of the riders were young boys, an to be good riders, and brave. They even had to go into indian territory.

The Gateway Arch St. Louis Missouri

The gateway to the west went though St. Louis right under the arch. The gateway arch is a principal at the Jefferson national exposition memorial. The gateway arch is built on the west bank of the Mississippi river.

The arch is the talliest monument in the United States. It is about 630 feet or 192 meters. The arch was completed in 1965 well around then. The arch repersents our countries development.

Branson Sliver Doller City

Silver Dollar City has many rides, and even shows, and attractions. One of the rides are the Lost River Boat, and the Outlaw Runs. The Outlaw Runs is a wooden rollercoaster it spins you three times around at 170 degrees the speed goes up to 68 miles per hour. The Outlaw Runs has an 81 degree drop.

Silver Dollar City also has many activities like Moon Light Madness, Country Music Weekend, and Old Time Christmas, and many more.

St. Joseph Missouri

St. Joseph as many museums. One museum is the St. Joseph National Museum has the Civil War Museum, and the Pottery Museum, even rare dolls. The Civil War Museum has the medication they used in 1800s . They used raps, and saws if their leg or arm needed cut off or got shot, or a broken bone.

The St. Joseph museum also has a Pottery Museum. The pottery many pots, and unique jars some of them are made from Native Americans, and many more different people.

James Smith loved the summer and the winter in Missouri. In summer he loved how the cities trees waved in the wind and how the water shined because they live in Alaska. In winter he loved how the cities lights shined in the winter snow.