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Murder Mystery In Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village New York 1954

The people of Greenwich Village Apartment d not necessarily act as a village, they are very independent from each other and almost nobody in the apartments interacts or are even acquaintances. Luckily for me and another man Mr. Jeffries, we like to keep up with our surroundings.

I had observed a lot of strange behavior around the village, but none as strange as what i could see in the Thorwald home. Mr. and Mrs. Thorwald were not the typical couple. This bed ridden young woman had some how found her way with an angry old man so it seems. The night Mrs. Thorwald went missing for good, i would not have even suspected anything if it werent for her husbands mysterious actions.

Mr. Thorwald was seen filling boxes, cleaning a saw, and making changes to his home. While i was mostly sure he had done something to his wife, there was no real compelling evidence until Mr. Jeffries, his nurse, and his girlfriend went into a further investigation. While Mr. Jeffries leg was broken, these brave women went to extremes to prove that Mr. Thorwald was guilty

Feminism (1954)

Aside from the right to vote, women are still stuck into gender roles. Almost all commercials for household items, food, coffee, are based around the fact that if you dont use that product then your husband wont be happy . If your husband isnt happy then society will throw the blame upon you.

Women cant get a "mans" job, they would never be ready for it, and nobody is willing to put in the work to help them. Are they supposed to cook and clean forever? A small group of women rebel, showing more skin, smoking and drinking like men, and even coming into previously all male industries. Feminism is weak at this time, but its coming in stronger