A Trip to Spain!

HHS will be traveling to Spain over April break!

Come Explore the culture and diverse language!

HHS will be offering a spectacular trip to Spain in the spring of 2017. We will be exploring various places in Spain such as Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, and Valencia. This country offers so much beauty and culture as we will able to try new things as well as tour the cities and landscapes

Fun activies we are doing!

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Tour through the Alhambra Castle
  • Renting bikes in Madrid
  • (optional) Horseback Riding
  • Fancy Dinner overlooking the capital
  • salsa dance lessons
  • Various tours in the cities
  • Interacitve meuseum in Valencia
  • Staying at the beaches in Valencia

If interested, come contact us.

If you are interested in traveling to spain, come contact Emily Brazel in room 274 for more details or contact me with any concerns