Elm Class Update

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We hope to see you at the Eco Fair tomorrow!

Join the Compass Community in Camel Park for a day of games and sustainable fun.

The fair will be open from 11:00-4:00.

Tickets for the various stations will be $3/ticket or 2tickets for $5. Please bring cash if possible!

The money raised at this event will support ongoing sustainability projects at Compass.


First Grade Trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park

Tuesday, June 9th, 9am-2pm

334 Furman Street


We will observe and explore this public park on Tuesday. Students will take time interacting with art, play structures, and the natural environment in this common space.

The grade will travel by train to the North End of the Park, near Main Street Playground.

We would love to bring additional adults with us, please get in touch if you are interested.

We will have some time in the sprinklers after making observations in the park. We will only be running through sprinklers and mostly dry off in the sun while in the park. You may want to send your child with an optional change of clothes on this day in case they still feel wet when we return to school.

Elm Class Trip to the Whitney Museum

Thursday, June 11th, 9am-2pm

99 Gansevoort St

New York, NY

We will have the opportunity to see the new Whitney Museum building on Thursday, June 11th.

We will travel by subway to Manhattan and enjoy lunch in a nearby playground.

We would love to bring chaperones along with us on this trip. Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of adult tickets with the school group. All are welcome, please know that you may need to pay admission to the museum if we have too many grown-ups.

Reading this week

Elm Class is building their independent reading stamina. We continue to practice the reading strategies we learn from teachers when reading books from our book baggie.

Please remember to continue reading each night at home with your child. Establishing this routine will greatly support your child's reading over the summer as well.

This week we discussed the characters we meet in books, and how we can change our reading voice in order to show how the character feels.

We read The Three Bears together and worked on showing the character's feelings and actions by acting out the book, and expressing these feelings by changing our read aloud voice. We noticed clues from the author such as ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, exclamation points, or print size.

Math this week

This week in math, Elms explored what happens when you add one digit numbers to two digit numbers through the math game Adding Ones. They also explored adding multiples of ten to a number. Some students found that they could add multiples of ten in their heads without having to use the base ten blocks. We shared important ideas about why it was easy to add multiples of ten.

We also introduced the idea of subtracting multiples of ten through the activity Build and Remove. Students shared connections between adding multiples of tens and subtracting multiples of ten.

Farm Stand Math

Wednesdays are Farm Stand math day. We collect data on what is sold at the farm stand. We also use this opportunity to collect data on the interests of students in Elm Class.

Project Time this week

The Elm Class continued our study of community by discussing leadership. Students shared their ideas about leaders, such as "leaders stand up for people" and "leaders start new things".

We also made a map which included the many common spaces we have visited as we have observed the qualities of a community.

We also practiced being leaders and noticing leadership within our class community.

We challenged the class to all fit on a "magic carpet".

Big image

It worked! We all fit when we stood on the carpet!

June Family Conferences

We are looking forward to meeting with you all at the end of the school year to reflect on your child's growth.

We will meet with families on Thursday June 18th and Friday June 19th.

Please note that these will be half days with a 12:00 dismissal.