By: Maddie Bell

What is the drug?

Cocaine is an addictive drug derived from coca or prepared synthetically, used as an illegal stimulant. A colorless or crystalline alkaloid, extracted from coca leaves.

How is the drug taken into the body?

The powdered form of cocaine is either inhaled through the nose (snorted), or it is dissolved in water and injected into the bloodstream.
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Slang names for drug?

  • Crack
  • Coca
  • Dust
  • Leaf
  • Rock
  • Nose Powder
  • Pimp
  • Speed

How does the drug affect the body?

Cocaine has negative effects on the brain and heart. Many cocaine users get addicted, with long-term and life threatening consequences.

Short-term and Long-term Affects

Short term:
  • Cocaine acts quite rapidly on the brain, it interferes with the nerves in the brain.

Long term:

  • Can lead to heart attacks, strokes, seizures, headaches, and sometimes death.


Cocaine is one of the most powerful, illegal drug, when it comes to producing psychological dependence. Compulsive crack use develops soon after you start using it, because the substance is smoked and enters the blood stream rapidly.
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