Books For Dystopian Lovers

By:Romeo M.

I made a list of books for people who love dystopian books. They are my favorite type because they are the books that always get you wanting to read more and more and more. These books kept my mind racing on what was going to happen next. I thought these books would be appropriate for kids the age of 10+. I chose these books because they where elegant.

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Dashner, James, Maze Runner: Delacorte Press; Reprint edition, 2010.375pgs.Dystopian

A book about when Thomas wakes up in a weird metal box going up to a place he would have never imagined before. The only thing he could remember was his name. He arrives in a place called glade.

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Horowits, Anthony, Ravens Gate:Scholastic Paperbacks; The Gatekeepers edition.2008,272.Dystopian

An exciting story about a guy named Matt. He is getting punished for a crime he never really did and he has the choise to either go to jail or live with an old woman named Mrs.Deverill. He wishes that he waould have gone to jail in this twisting story.

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Horowitz, Anthony ,Alex Rider: Philomel.2013.383pgs.Dystopian

An awesome book about a teenage boy named Alex Rider tries to get revenge on somene named Yassen

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Roth, Veronica, Divergent: Katherine Tegen Books.2012.487pgs.Dystopian

Divergent was a Thrilling book about a city of people who are divided up into 5 factions. They are Dauntless (the brave), Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the kind), and Erudite (the intelligent).

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Clayton, Emma, Roar: Chicken House; Reprint edition.2012.512pgs.Dystopian

Roar is a thrill seeking, action adventure book when one of the twin siblings is gone. The twin that was still with their mom risks his life just to see his sister.


These books go together well because they all made me wonder what would happen next. These books would be good for kids the age of 10+. The reason I chose recommended these books for 10+ is because they have some big/complicated words in it.

More Books I Would Recommend