4th Grade Newsletter

February 15th- February 19th

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Yes! We have School on Monday!

Sorry, our class calendars are wrong and we will have a full day of school on Monday!
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Math this Week:

5’s Division Timed test and Math Weekly Homework

Angles (acute, right, and obtuse)

Lines (parallel, perpendicular, intersecting)

Type of triangles (right triangle, acute triangle, obtuse triangle)

Science this Week

Continue to collect and analyze data to identify sequences and predict patterns of change in shadows, tides, and seasons.

Discuss the definition of ecosystems and habitats. Define biotic and abiotic parts of an ecosystem.

Begin to investigate that most producers need sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make their own food, while consumers are dependent on other organisms for food.

Reading this Week:

Main Idea

Text Features

Review Media (Positive and Negative Effects)

Review six weeks TEKS

Writing this Week

Benchmark Processing/Corrections

Writing in Complete Sentences

Editing/Revising Compositions

Social Studies this Week

This week in Social Studies, we will be learning about the Republic of Texas and Symbols of Texas.

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Six Flags Reading Program is Due this week!

Starting January 11th, you child may start keeping track of reading minutes to earn a free Six Flags pass. The program will run from January 11th-February 19th.

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3rd Annual African American Read-in at Cora Spencer

On Thursday, February 25th volunteers will come and read a book written by an African American author to all classes from 8:00 A.M. to 8:30 A.M. to celebrate Black History Month.

If you would like to volunteer to read to a class, please signup on Sign-up Genius by clicking on the link below. The deadline to sign up is February 19th.


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Important Dates to Remember

Wednesday, February 17th- PTA Meeting at 6:30

Thursday, February 25th- African American Read in at Cora Spencer from 8:00-8:30

Friday, February 26th- Next Early Release Day

Friday, April 15th is now a student holiday (full day)

Friday, April 15th will continue to be designated as Bad Weather Day #2

    Wednesday, June 1st is now the last day of school for students (full day).

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    Your 4th Grade Team