The Green Revolution

by Pratheek Sharyala

"It is only logical"

The main goal of the Green Revolution is to prevent famine worldwide, especially in countries without resources. Many argue that the chemicals required for this intense agriculture are harmful. This may be true, but the number of lives saved by the increased crop production saves many more lives than those lost, so numerically as well as logically, it is more practical to advance in the green revolution.

Advancements must be made. It is the only way.

Priorities of Survival

From a survival standpoint, the most basic things to secure first are: Water, Food, Fire, and Shelter. If food is essential to survival, is it not our job as humans to help each other secure necessities for survival? Letting other people live without the basics, when preventable, for any reason is inhumane. It is top priority to make sure there is good food and clean water for all. Since the green revolution serves half of that purpose, it is illogical to stop.

Ideas for Harmony

There are safer way to keep developing crops, and the green revolution can be more culturally aware of the people it is working with. There are arguments against the green revolution, and they do hold merit, but there are ways that the green revolution can fix some of its flaws, so long as it remains productive. Without productivity in the green revolution, more lives than necessary will be lost. Currently there needs to be development in safer, cleaner, and more efficient practices. This is true, but there will be change that will not happen if this green revolution stops, therefore stopping the revolution now, stops a more fool-proof revolution in the future