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Flower week

Fun facts about dandelions!

*There are about 100 different species of dandelion.

*Seeds can travel up to 5 miles before they fall to the ground.

*Animals and insects consume the nectar and the seeds.

*Preschoolers love them! Make sure you're checking pockets before doing laundry. Collecting dandelions is a favorite activity during our time outside!

The article below from PBS has so many fun ideas to use flowers for some great learning experiences. We will be talking about flowers all week so try to explore your neighborhood and see what you can find!

Fun Friday

To continue our flower theme, let's celebrate the flower children of the 60's! Flowered shirts, tie dye anything, and some super groovy peace symbols will help our kiddos look the part.
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Important Dates

Preschool Graduation

*Graduation for our Family Literacy students (Miss Lisa and Miss Rita's classes) will be Wednesday, May 22nd. AM classes will have their ceremony at 6:00 PM and PM classes will be at 7:00 PM.

*Graduation for our Developmental Preschool students (Miss Leanna and Mr. Joey's classes) will be Thursday, May 23rd. There will be 1 ceremony and it will begin at 6:00 PM.

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