William penn

By:Zachary Williams


William penn was the fonder of Pennsylvania. The state for freedom for everyone across the wold. William penn was a religious boy from the start. He joined the Quakers and dreamed of religious freedom. He started the colony of Pennsylvania. William penn was an intelligent man who fought for his beliefs.

William Penn's early life

William penn the believer was born on obc. 14 1644 in England. He moved in a castle home in Ireland. He also work when he was a kid. He worked at a church in England. He married her in 1696 wife Hannah with hoom he had seven children his first wife had died in 1696. Penn died in ruscombe in cohunty of Berkshire England,on July 30 1718. William penn was a very smart man

William penn joined the Quakers

William penn. He joind the Quakers. their faith was freedom for this marginalized and frequently persecafled religious groups. William penn was part of the Quakers. Quakers thought everyone shod be free. By the 1670s penn was a very important person in the Quaker community. In 1675, he was asked to reslove a land to organize the founding of Quaker colony in America.


William penn was send to prison for his beliefs penn wanted a place where Quakers could follow their beliefs in peace. Penn wanted land in America. King Churles agreed penn named the colony Pennsylvania after his father. Pennsylvania means Penn's wood. Many people come to Pennsylvania for cheap land and religious freedom.


William penn the beliver William penn he wanted every one to be free he belive for every one. William penn was born on obc. 14 1644 in England he moved in a castle he also work when he was a kid he worked at a cherch. William penn was part of the Quaker the Quakers thought every one should be free a round the world. William penn married his wife in 1696 her name was Hannah several children his wife died 1696. Penn wanted land in America. He got that land. He called it Pennsylvania penn died in July 30.1718. Penn was really smart we wouldn't be standing here today

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