The Taming of the Shrew/ 10 Things I Hate About You

Reputations Among People

Although reputations were never as big of a deal back in the day, they kept getting bigger and bigger and have come with more value as time went on. Kat's reputation in 10 Things I Hate About You influences her actions to come off as harsh and rude. Her reputation as a shrew came about after she got hurt, as she explained to her sister near the end of the movie. Getting hurt by the same guy that was hitting on Bianca leads Kat to put her shield up even more and try to protect Bianca by doing or saying "cruel" things. Usually, the more people say things about you, it gets more and more believable every time they say it. Due to her reputation, Kat comes off as scary and people make fun of her for it, especially Joey. Joey always picks on Kat for her attitude and tries to make her feel bad for it. As for her motivations, Kat does things for herself, not for other people that are just going to be jerks anyway. Society places a lot of value on reputation; if you have a bad reputation then you're going to be thought of as bad and horrible, without even considering your personality. Kat hasn't been treated fairly by people simply because of her reputation and what that makes her. At the end of the movie, I believe Kat had changed a little bit. Falling in love with Patrick made her see that not everyone is as mean as they're made out to be. After falling in love, I think she let her guard down to a few people that she can now trust.


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