Geography, Globalization, & Cheese

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Natural Features as well as Globalization impact where, how, and why communities settle where they do!

Geography impacts where, how, and why people live where they do:

  • Bodies of water are necessary for the development of civilization through vitality, transport, and protection
  • Larger more resourceful areas accommodate for more people and eventually more production
  • Climate plays a major role in whether or not an area is hospitable
  • Land forms can either act as resources/protection, or even a nuisance
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Globalization is a new title for an ageless process in which individual groups of people interact most notably through the environment, economics, technology, and cultural aspects.

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Before we delve into Kraft's relationship with geography and globalization, you may want to know how Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is manufactured(Due to limited information this is the best possible video)!

Where Does Kraft Mac & Cheese come from?

  • Above are maps revealing the natural resources needed to create Kraft Mac & Cheese (and their locations).
  • Resources are imported from across the world to manufacture this product in one central location.
  • Notice how the resources are collected near major cities which are all near bodies of water.

Nations Are Built Around Natural Resources

What Problems Does Kraft Mac & Cheese Cause?

Environmental: -Producing cheese for macaroni creates a considerable amount of carbon dioxide that can harm the environment.

Technological: -People will lose their jobs to better more efficient machines that only require minimal maintenance.

Cultural: -Today's society is becoming wary of unhealthy artificial preservatives and dyes, just like the ones found inside Kraft products that can lead to health problems. This can lead to future problems for the company, and even lead to the loss of jobs

Economic: -Producing Kraft products uses limited resources, but at the same time human's wants are unlimited. This could eventually lead to not having enough product for the consumers.

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Cows (see above) produce cheese as well as carbon dioxide.

Is There A Solution For Any of These Problems?

Of course it's possible to solve all of these problems, one is good enough for now. One of the "simplest" solutions for this set of problems is to solve the macaroni/economic crisis. As demand rises, Kraft just has to acquire more manpower by hiring more people! Even if they buy machines this is a win for Kraft, the consumer, and the worker (or engineers who built the machine)!

Possible Solutions To These Problems!

Environmental:- Although carbon dioxide is produced as a byproduct in the process of making cheese, other emissions of this gas can be reduced drastically by implementing the use of energy and water efficient appliances. This is an easy measure that can be take in Kraft factories by just replacing equipment/light sources with better, more conversant alternatives.

Technological:- Although through the increase in technology many factory workers will lose the positions they hold right now, new ones will be opened up at the same time for them. Automotive systems require maintenance and upkeep, there will always be a place for human workers, especially because human's have a "special touch". In then end technology will replace many jobs in these Kraft factories, but humans will still be needed to control the factories.

Cultural:- Today's society is beginning to realize what is right to eat and what is wrong, and the Kraft company can solve this problem by listening to the people. Removing preservatives and changing the recipe to a small degree isn't bad compared to the disastrous outcome that would take place if people didn't buy their products anymore! Kraft can develop a new recipe that is free of any potentially harmful substances, and offer this as a replacement to the traditional macaroni. This process could actually create new jobs, and lead to the opening of more factories

Economic:- Although resources are limited, Kraft workers can work out deals with other countries across the globe. Kraft has already been located in Canada and the U.K. so expanding more seems to be a viable, and intelligent option for the company. Overall it makes sense for them to expand, so as to create more product, and maybe even obtain more consumers.

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Globalization In A Nutshell

Although it may seem like globalization has only had a positive influence, it can be argued that it has had a pretty negative one as well. Here are the pros and cons to globalization!


-Free trade is established

-Creates more jobs

-Opens alliances between countries

-Allows for specialized products

-Lowers the cost of products

-Allows poor countries to develop (In more than one way)

-Spread of unique cultures/beliefs

-And so much more


-Promotes terrorism

-Makes the rich richer, and the poor poorer

-Increased taxes

-U.S. workers also face tax cuts

-Increases the spread of disease

-New machines create pollution and new pollutants


-Cultural "monotony" or sameness

-Increases the spread of drugs due to lowered regulations

-And a lot more

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How Does Globalization Relate To Me?


-Transportation/Shipping is extremely fast

-I can speak with almost anyone on the world in seconds

-My home is filled with objects that are from around the world

-Teenagers (and adults) are becoming less social in an era of social media

-The phone I use daily was made in China

-The job I will get when I'm older probably doesn't exist now

-The food I eat is from across the world, just like the clothes I wear

-I'm susceptible to diseases from across the globe

-My parents have settled where they could find work

-Large companies and brand names are everything in society/American culture

In The Future...

-Classrooms and schools will be centered around technology

-Transportation will become even cheaper and easier

-Robots and cyborgs will become the norm

-Social media will run our lives and determine our self worth

-Life expectancy will get increasingly high, as well as body preservation

-Pollution will be at an all time high and will have destroyed our air system/ the atmosphere (Or we will have developed a way to save the environment)

-Fossil fuels will be gone, but newer more reliable resources will be used

-Peace between nations as well as better national allocation of resources

-Huge super companies will rule the world

-Population size will not cease growing and will cause humans to actually ruminate about leaving earth

If globalization continues on track at the rate it's going right now, then in 15 years I believe that technology will nearly quadruple in advancement, and that environmental problems will be our major concern. Because of the exponential growth rate and intercommunication through globalization I believe the first part of my hypothesis will happen, and the second only because the environment is getting increasingly worse, and almost nobody cares. My daily life as well as the lives of those around me will be drastically changed, and we can just try to make that change for the better. We do want our posterity to grow and develop in a world that has become better due to globalization, right?

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Communication Can Destroy Or Create Futures