Welcome Back!

Lincoln Log August 2020

Lincoln Elementary (K-5)

Principal: Colleen Whooley Jepson

Administrative Assistant: to be hired

Address: 720 S. 6th Avenue

Wausau, WI. 54401

Phone: 715-261-0965

Principal Points

Welcome back to the 2020-21 school year! As I reflected on the circumstances in our country and county today, I have come up with three words that I will need to keep close to my heart: PATIENCE, POSITIVITY and FLEXIBILITY! Times are challenging but the Lincoln Family is tough and we will weather this storm if we stick together! I wanted to put a very brief overview newsletter out so that you all know we are working hard on plans for the 2020-21 school year!

There are many changes this school year...changes in personnel...changes in how we teach...changes in how we meet...again...remember PATIENCE, POSITIVITY and FLEXIBILITY! We got this!

While staff are not officially back yet, I can bet that many are spending their days and/or evenings planning on how the year will best be served. As I'm sure many families are trying to figure out this new world. This newsletter will focus on the changes we will see for the start of the school year.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me 715-261-0965 or email me cwhooleyjepson@wausauschools.org. (email is probably best right now as I do not have office assistance at the moment).

Thank you for your patience and for any support you can throw our way. Let's make 2020-21 an AMAZING year!

Yours in partnership

Colleen Whooley Jepson, Principal

We Welcome the Following New Staff to Lincoln

Mr. Jeff Heiting - lead custodian

Mr. Tom Xiong - building paraprofessional

To be determined - admin assistant

Ms. Lorie Lehman - medically fragile teacher

Mrs. Kendra Reiche - speech/language clinician

Miss Nicole Yunk - emotional/behavioral disabilities teacher

Miss Grace Hardinger - special education paraprofessional

Ms. Jennifer Wirt - special education paraprofessional

A Move from DOJO to SeeSaw

As a district, all elementary schools will be utilizing SeeSaw this school year along with Its Learning. This move has been made so that there is consistency among the elementary schools. Families who have children at more than one elementary or families who move during the year will all be utilizing the same platform and won't need to start over in their learning process. I am learning the SeeSaw platform along with the teachers. (I used it several years ago but it has definitely morphed over the years). There are still Spanish translations available which was very important to me! Hmong is not available on either SeeSaw or on Dojo, unfortunately. Please watch the introductory video to SeeSaw. (Teachers will invite you to SeeSaw as we get closer to school start.)


Parent Teacher Conferences

We are STARTING the school year with parent/ teacher conferences so that students and families can meet their teachers in a safer environment. We will NOT have our usual Open House. Please watch your emails and phone calls to set up conferences times on-line. The conferences will introduce you to SeeSaw, allow you to meet the teachers, learn about the expectations and schedules for the coming year, pick up student ipads, and more. I would ask all families to please set up a conference once information is sent out. The conferences will run from Sept 1-3. We would ask that all families enter through Door 1, 2-3 minutes before their assigned time so that we can promote social distancing. All families will be asked to wear a mask, and go only to the teacher's room with whom you have a conference. Students are asked to remain at their parents' side and not wander around the school for everyone's safety. We are asking that only one adult accompany enrolled child(ren) to school. Siblings who are not registered at Lincoln are asked respectfully not to attend.

Leader in Me

This summer I had the great opportunity to be trained in Leader In Me by Sean Covey. This is a social/emotional curriculum that will be utilized district-wide in the coming years (K-12). The Leader in Me promotes 7 habits of highly effective people: being proactive, beginning with the end in mind (goal setting), putting first things first (prioritizing), thinking win-win, seeking first to understand then to be understood, synnergizing (creative cooperation) and "sharpening the saw" (or working on yourself mind, body, spirit and heart). Sean Covey has written a number of books that are utilized in many area and international businesses to increase employee effectiveness. I do have a couple Leader In Me books that could be checked out. Let me know if you are interested. Sean Covey has also written books and journals for effective teens and effective families. I may purchase a couple of the family books so that if families wish to follow through at home, this could be done. Again, let me know if you'd like to check that out. Students may be coming home with some new social/emotional language so I wanted you to have a base of where that is coming from.

Lincoln Staff

Following is a list of staff members at Lincoln for this year. I thought it may be handy for you all to have so you know who your child is interacting with online:

Pupil Services Team

Mrs. Karpinsky - Social Worker

Ms. Poncek - School Counselor

Mrs. Reimann - School Psychologist

Encore Teachers

Ms. Cumberland - Music

Mrs. Duesselmann - Science

Mrs. Gilbertson -- Library

Mrs. Jaglinski - Gifted/Talented

Ms. Lindberg - Art

Mrs. MickBeversdorf (aka Mrs. B) - Phy Ed

Ms. Poncek - Guidance

Regular Education Teachers

Mrs. Giese - Kindergarten

Mrs. Peterson - Kindergarten

Mrs. Cegielski - 1st grade

Mrs. Giebel - 1st grade

Mrs. Tiffany Hessil - 2nd grade

Mrs. Yer Thao - 2nd grade

Mrs. Gast - 3rd grade

Miss McKellips - 3rd grade

Mr. Hagedorn - 4th grade

Mrs. Zoch - 4th grade

Mrs. Kramar - 5th grade

Mr. Niemeyer - 5th grade

Special Education Teachers

Mrs. Dahnke - Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Reiche - Speech/Language

Ms. Lehman - multicategorical (works mainly with medically fragile students)

Mr. Nygaard - multicategorical (works mainly with grades 4-5)

Miss Vils - multicategorical (works mainly with grades K-3)

Ms. Xiong - adaptive physical education

Miss Yunk - multicategorical (works mainly with students with emotional/behavioral disabilites)

English Learner/Bilingual Teachers

Mrs. Vang

Mrs. Veenstra

Title Teachers

Mrs. Burke

Mrs. imhoff


Ms. Deuitch - cafeteria

Mrs. DeValk - lead cafeteria

Mrs. Dreikosen - G2M coordinator

Mrs. Fortenberry - Special Education

Miss Hardinger - Special Education

Miss Her - English Language

Mrs. Lenz - Title

Ms. Mletzko. (aka Ms. Roxann)- Bilingual

Ms. Taylor - Health room

Mrs. Wirt - Special Education

Ms. Wollenzein (aka Ms. Brea) - Special Education

Mrs. Yang - English Learners

Miss Zahrt - Special Education

Custodial Staff

Mr. John - night custodian

Ms. Cindy - night custodian

Mr. Jeff- lead custodian


Mrs. Whooley Jepson (many students/families just refer to me as Mrs. Jepson)