North Korea Power

Alexis Colvard

Size: 46,541 square miles

North Korea is not a very big country. In relation to a the U.S., it is about 1/8 of Texas. It's the 98th largest country in the world. In most scenarios, this could be a disadvantage to their fighting strengths.

Population: 22,757,275 people

North Korea is the 50th largest country in the world, according to population. The population size is about down the middle when you compare it to other countries. In a war, the population of North Korea would be an advantage.

Education and United

In North Korea, the education is run differently than what is expected. The government has made sure that no information of different countries gets in/out of North Korea. Because of this, the education is limited on what the children are able to learn. In a case of a war, this could be a disadvantage because the people of the country wouldn't know how the outside countries remotely work.

As for being united, North Korea is a very close country. This could be to their advantage, because they would. Be able to work together easily.

Armed forces

North Korea has access to nuclear weapons. Although they were apart of an agreement stating they couldn't use the weapons, their leader got out of that agreement in 2003. In any case, this would be a major advantage when trying to win the war but very risky.

Physical Features

North Korea has a few major rivers. There is no major advantage or disadvantage based off of the country's land features.


Because North Korea is so isolated, the country's economic freedom is about 0.5-1.5 point lower than it was last year. This could end up being bad in the long run, because the country overall could start to lose money. This could make its citizens angry or cause the country to not have extra spending money to stay powerful.