Week of 9.15 - 9.19

Week 3 / Week in Review

Economics, WE ACT, Chromebooks, Current Events

9.15.14: Students determined what their focus should be for WE ACT, we will be focusing on the peer pressures to use drugs.

9.16.14: Students took notes on Economics towards our standard that we our focusing on this year. You can get the notes here . Students were given a practice sheet for the PACED method as well.

9.17.14: We worked through the PACED model to determine how to make reasoned decisions about going out to eat dinner with our friends.

9.18.14: Students got their Chromebooks out and worked with Mr. Libby to discover some neat tips and tricks on Google. Ask your child to impress you with their new super search powers! We briefly went over the homework that was assigned for tomorrow to help clarify and problems the students were having.

9.19.14: We went over the homework in class and then completed Current Events. No homework for the weekend!

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