chlorine (CL)

By Travis Zimmerman

chlorine is something you probably see or smell very often.

For example a pool you probably go to a pool at least once or twice a summer there is chlorine all over the place. Clorox you know when you spill that soda on your new white shirt and your mom/dad takes it and uses Clorox to get the stain out that has chlorine.

information/facts about chlorine

Chlorine has a atomic mass of 35.453. Atomic radius is at 175pm 17 protons 17 electrons and 18 neutrons. has a melting point of171.65k and a melting point of 239.11k. at room temp it is a world war 1 it was used as a weapon it was a very deadly gas. It is a green/yellowish substance.

What are the uses for chlorine.

well about 60% of all water has salt in it and salt is a combination of chlorine you put salt on your food it is pretty amazing that by itself its poisonous but when it is mixed it can be put on your food.