Personality Type: Green

Nathan Hirsch

Green Personaliity

-Never quits



-Skilled in business


-'why' questions


-Impatient with drill and routine

-act older than they are

-Question authority


-let their head rule their heart

-dislike repetition

-uneasy when controlled by emotions

At work

-work is play for them

-drawn to constant challenge

-prefers moving on once idea is complete

Leadership style

-Expects intelligence and competence

-assumes task relevancy

-seeks ways to improve systems



-encourages change for improvement

-constantly in process of change

-expects people to follow through

Symptoms of a bad day


-the silent treatment

-extreme aloofness and withdrawal

- snobbish, put-down remarks, and sarcasm

-Perfectionism due to severe performance anxiety

-Highly critical attitudes towards themselves or others

Thoughts about my color

The three characteristics that suit my is that I was smart for my age, constantly in process of change, and dislike repetition.

The job I think suits me would be restoration. It has to do with a lot of knowledge and business.

The three characteristics unlike me were that work is play to me, skilled in business, and perfectionist.

This personality would help me at work with business and control, but being a perfectionist and letting my head rule my heart coulddrag me down.