Are you ready to get out of line?

You've been stuck in those same straight lines of too-small desks forever. It's time to break free and find your own place and set your own pace! Announcing the inception of the BYOD classroom: Bring Your Own Device. It doesn't matter if it's a Smartphone, a laptop, a Mac, an iPad, a notebook, just BRING IT!! You know you want to...

Bring a Device to Class Every Day

  • Explore websites
  • Create exciting projects
  • Collaborate next door and around the world
  • Do online labs
  • Show off your knowledge with interactive assessments

Some of the best instructors you'll ever have include these three:

Guaranteed to change your mind!

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Do I have to sit in a chair? NO
  • Are there assigned seats? NO
  • Will I still learn? YES
  • What if I don't have a device? We will find one for you to use :)
  • Should I bring my charger? Ummm...YES
  • Will we still use paper, pencils, and books? YES