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Continue Reading at Home!

By this point in the year, Kindergartners have made huge progress with their reading and have developed many decoding skills and comprehension strategies. When you are reading with your child at home, be sure to encourage your child to apply "what good readers do."

  • Use beginning, middle, and ending sounds, as well as sound chunks that they know to decode unfamiliar words
  • Look at the picture clues
  • Skip the word in the sentence, read on, and come back


  • Preview the book and make predictions
  • Ask questions about the characters, setting, and events in the story along the way
  • Ask questions that are "text dependent" where your child should find evidence in the book to support how they know
  • Retell the story
  • Stop and discuss unfamiliar words (Your child might have read these words aloud but might not be able to tell you what they mean or apply it in a sentence!)

The Berenstain Bears in "Family Matters" the Musical

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Keswick Theater Field Trip

Kindergarten went to the Keswick Theater to see a Berenstain Bears musical. The musical intertwines three Berenstain Bears books; Too Much Junk Food, Trouble at School, and Learn About Strangers; to teach very important life lessons. The Bear Family worked on eating healthier snacks such as carrot sticks and apples instead of candy and soda. Brother Bear learned about prioritizing his homework so he can do well in school, as well as feeling proud of his friends when they do something special. Sister Bear was reminded not to talk to strangers, unless Mom or Dad is there too. Students enjoyed being a part of live theater and even got to do the Belly Dance at the end! Be sure to ask your child what he or she learned from the musical and maybe they can teach you the Belly Dance too!