Weekly Tech News

November 6, 2017


The 3D printing JOT session will begin this week. During the sessions I will share the three primary steps to bring your idea to reality. I would encourage you to create a Tinkercad account if you do not already have one. You can authenticate with Google making it a very quick and painless process. Beyond that, we will also be using Matter Control. If you want to fully immerse in what I share, I would encourage you to download that software as well.

I will meet with...

Wolf Lake staff Tuesday morning in the art room

Jr. High staff Thursday morning in my room (217)

Again, it is very possible that these meetings may need to be rescheduled last minute. I will be sure to send out updates and rescheduling information if necessary.

Google Docs Video Follow Up (JR/SR High ONLY)

I did receive one additional question this week. Below is the video response to that question. It focuses on connectivity issues. If you are having trouble with Docs "Trying to Connect" when you use it, it will probably be worth your 3 minutes to watch.

As a side note, I did not receive this question, but it is a common issue. Make sure that you sign out of personal gmail accounts. On several occasions, staff members are unable to access documents that they need because they are still signed into accounts that are not associated with Central Noble.

BreakoutEDU Links

I have received quite a bit of interest regarding the BreakoutEDU kits. Below are a few links that may be of interest to you.

1. This link will take you to a library of digital (online) Breakout puzzles that students can try. A few teachers are using these digital versions as trials before using the physical kit.


2. This link will take you to a library of pre-developed physical games. Each game comes with necessary printables, lock combinations, and a video explanation. This is a great place to start!


3. This last link will take you to a variety of tools and resources aimed to help you develop your own game. I used this section of the site quite a bit as I planned for the Breakout JOT session.


Tech Team Help Desk Information

Jr High

Who: Lindy Hile & Seth Knepper

Where: Hallway outside of my classroom (217)

When: Thursdays and Fridays during Cougar U

Albion Elementary

Who: Rotating members of the tech team

When and Where:

Session 1: Each morning in the hallway outside of the office

Session 2: Each day during 3-5 Lunch in the Cafe

As always, feel free to email me any questions or concerns!