Leatherback turtles

Save the Leatherbacks By:Audric


The leatherback sea turtle, sometimes called the Lute turtle, is the largest of all living turtles and is the fourth heaviest modern reptile behind three crocodiles. It has a bony shell and has some interesting facts.

Why They Matter

Leatherback turtles are sea turtles but they are different.First of all, they are the fastest turtles and swim as fast as 9.8m/s. But that's not all, they are the largest sea turtles in the time being.The average length of the leatherback is 2 metre (7 feet). The largest Leatherback turtle ever found is 2.6 metre (8.5feet) long. They also can dive to depths deeper than 1,200m.


There are a few threats that the leatherbacks face. One of them is us. People collect the eggs to sell in markets for food. That is why this species has become very rare especially in the waters off Malaysia. Fishing and non-made pollution also the survival of leatherbacks. Plastic and balloons, which leatherbacks often mistake for jellyfish, have killed many of them.


Since leatherback turtles are endangered, we must not eat their eggs, make pollution and throw rubbish like balloons and plastic bags to the sea. There are only a few thousands of them left. Some people even launch campaigns to save them.
Baby Leatherback Turtles Hatching
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