The Undefeated One's


In the movie "Undefeated" the boys achieved their goal of becoming the real undefeated ones disputing there backgrounds, at home situations, and there first ever playoff game which they lost.
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In the movie "Undefeated" it displayed a purpose on how these young men came together as a whole, and learned how to work as a team disputing there backgrounds and dislikes towards other teammates. As they came together they began to win games and eventually made it to playoffs and unfortunately lost the first game. That lose helped mold the boys into men and have faith in there dreams.

Achieving the Purpose

  • The author displayed how majority of the boys didn't have a father figure in there life's.
  • An additional player Money never gave up on his dreams, he was very furniture to have someone to follow up on his story and pay for all four years of his college.
  • The author showed the boys neighborhood and showed how the condition was.


In conclusion I feel that all the boys really came out to become the real undefeated ones because of there hard work and dedication. All the boys didn't get along to well, but they came together as a team and achieved there goal to make it into the playoffs, despite there one point lose they still kept there heads high.
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