Friday Flight Plan

August 6, 2021

  • Tuesday, August 10th - 5th Grade Paperwork & Locker Night
  • Wednesday, August 11th - 4th Grade Nesting Games
  • Monday, August 16th - 6th & 7th Grade Show Up Night
  • Tuesday, August 17th - 5th Grade Show Up Night
  • Thursday, August 19th - 4th Grade Show Up Night

All CGIS events can be accessed via our school website!

  • Parents will be receiving a hard copy of our classroom fee letter in Friday Folders today. MCS Intermediate classroom fees are $50. (For your convenience the fee letter is attached to this newsletter as well.) Payment options include sending cash or check to your student's homeroom teacher (along with the fee letter) or through SchoolCash Online. In order to make a fee payment online, go to and register.

  • Transportation Changes during the Day -Please plan ahead and make sure your student knows transportation plans each afternoon. If you need to change your student's transportation during the school day, please directly email your student's homeroom & sixth period teachers of the change. It is important that we limit mid-day changes in order to preserve instructional time and to make sure they are focused on teaching. We can't ensure this information will get to your student by the end of the day since our teachers are instructing the students. In an extenuating circumstance, please call our main office.

  • Early Checkout - At the end of each school day, the latest a parent or guardian can check out a student is 2:25 pm. Please make sure you are at the school prior 2:25 pm so we are able to accommodate this request.

  • Lobbyguard is in use at CGIS so make sure you bring your drivers license with you since security and the safety of our students is a priority at CGIS.

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All students in 7th Grade are required to have their immunizations mandated by the State of Tennessee. Thanks so much for all families that have already provided this information to us! Please bring your 7th Grade student's updated shot record to the office by Friday, August 13th.

Contact our school nurses at 982-6345 - Micah Treat and Teri McDonald - if you need a religious exemption or have a scheduled immunization appointment with a physician.

Students will not be able to attend school starting Monday, August 16th if they have not received their immunizations and submitted the proper documentation on file at CGIS.

(Please note: This message is in no way referencing COVID vaccines, but rather the standard immunizations that have been required for several years for students entering 7th grade.)

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Students who need assistance on assignments for classes or want to get together to study for an upcoming test can attend the morning Breakfast Study Club in the Adventure Club Room. Study Club will be available every day of the week and breakfast will be available to students who wish to have a working breakfast. This opportunity is open to students from 4th to 7th grade and will take place from 7:00-7:30 am. If you have any questions, please see your homeroom teacher and they can assist you!!

The CGIS Breakfast Study Club officially opens August 16th!

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What is Empathy? - Empathy is the ability to be aware of, understand, and be sensitive to another person's feelings. Instead of focusing how these feelings impact ourselves, empathy motivates us to focus on others and respond with care and compassion.

CGIS Coronavirus Weekly Update

We are providing the information below so each family can make the best informed decisions for your children/students as we move through the school year. It is our hope to be transparent with the information we have but at the same time, prioritize our students' need to be educated, connect with one another and support their social and emotional needs. For more information, refer to MCS District COVID update at the following link:

Here is information specific to CGIS.

We plan to include the following information/numbers in this weekly newsletter. If medical professionals determine a concern or need to quarantine for your child, those individuals will contact parents directly. This could be professionals from the Health Department or health professionals, nurses, etc., employed by the school system.

· Number of reported positive student cases in school at CGIS this week- 1

· Number of reported positive student cases in school at CGIS this week that impacted school attendance of other CGIS students and staff due to close contact tracing (outside of household contacts) - 0

· Number of positive staff cases at CGIS this week that impacted school attendance of other students or staff due to close contact tracing- 0

We are grateful for your support and will certainly be responsive and include more information if there are identified clusters or upticks in our cases at CGIS.

With Gratitude,

Dr. Ramona Best, Principal

Dr. Best's Launch into the weekend

Dear CGIS Families,

I am so grateful for how all of us are working together to serve our students and am overjoyed to have our students in school and to see many smiling faces. The start of the school year is exciting but it can also be stressful because, as humans, we are creatures of habit and change creates stress. I want to commend you on the positivity and energy our families and kids have brought to our events and to school. CGIS is a happy and loving place and the sweet, kind, compassionate students you send us creates a culture of support and belonging.

Let's continue to build our connectedness this year. Encourage your students to share their needs and any issues that might occur with our staff. We want to know.

Our theme this year is "shine" and I'm providing Shine Challenges to staff and students each week. Next week's shine challenge for you, as parents and guardians, is to take a moment next week either at meal time or even driving in the car to talk with your student about empathy, this month's Leadworthy character trait.

The whole world needs more empathy and understanding and we hope to build it into the hearts and minds of our community, one child at a time! Join us!

Grateful for your partnership,

Dr. Best