Related Services Round Up

Issue #2 December 15, 2015

Welcome to the Round Up!

This newsletter is a collection of information directly related to managing related services in a K12 virtual school setting. Resources, trainings, tips, tricks and much more have been collected from around our schools and included in this document. If would like to contribute something for our next issue please email


~The K12 Related Services Team

Best Practices

Best Practice #1 - Accountability

Are there accountability practices in place for your providers, therapists, and teachers?


  • Follow up for assigning therapists
  • Follow up for submitting/correcting invoices
Provider consequences - lose referral(s), non-payment


  • Scheduling sessions
  • Providing documentation - progress reports, IEP updates
Therapist consequences - lose referral(s), provider could withhold payment


  • Timely referrals
  • Follow up on No-Shows
Teacher consequences - could impact their annual performance review

Be sure that you have processes in place to not only follow up to ensure that everyone is carrying their load but also to implement the consequences when they don't.

Financial Tips

Financial Tip #1

It's almost the end of the first semester. Check your total invoices... are they what was expected at this point in the school year? More? Less? How many more charges are you expecting for services rendered from 7/1/15 through 12/31/15? What can you do to make sure those are invoiced before the new year?

If you aren't sure how to answer these questions, please reach out to Tara or Jen for assistance in reviewing your data.

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Recent Updates

  • Flagged invoices - you can now export the invoice to review before clearing flags
  • Master invoices - ever wonder how to determine which master invoice an individual invoice is tied to? Just create a new master invoice and search for the individual invoice in question. A message will appear stating which master invoice it is located on

RSM Reminders

  • Under the Admin tab - settings in RSM - Prevent Providers from entering invoice items that are past a set due date. You want this set to 'Y', but the threshold should be no less than 1.5 months since most providers bill only once a month.

Upcoming Due Dates in Related Services

Reminder #1 - 2nd quarter progress notes

Most schools are reaching the end of the 2nd quarter. Be sure that you inform/remind your providers & therapists of the due dates for their quarterly progress notes.

K12 Related Services Team

Created in 2013 to assist K12 schools in providing timely, effective, compliant and cost efficient therapy services to enrolled students. This team current consists of a group of over 25 contractors and three full time staff.

You can request support from our team by emailing or using one of the links below.

Teacher Requests for Services

If you are not using RSM and would like your teachers to use a standard request form to ask for therapy for their students, please share this link with them. The results will be sent to you each day. Survey link

National Related Service Coordinator Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, 2pm

This is an online event.

2:00 EST (1 hour)

888.824.5783, 92442875# &

Related Services Professional Development Training Schedule

Beginning in January 2016, trainings specific to related services topics will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month in lieu of our regular National Related Service Coordinators meeting. The schedule for these sessions is below for you to review and attend those that you'd find helpful. Come ready to learn and to ask any questions you may have!
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Related Services Rendezvous

Friday, Dec. 18th, 11am

This is an online event.

Meeting for new related service coordinators and those who would like a refresher.

2:00 EST (30 minutes)

888.824.5783, 92442875# &