Sebastian's Stadium Tours

Made by: Jose Sebastian Flores

First one we are going to visit the Soldier Field.

To get a tore for Soldier Field, It cost $100.00 for 4 people. What is the cost for each person?

If you want to stay after the tore.

After the tour is over you are aloud to stay, only a minimum of 10 hours and it costs at least $400 for 4 people to stay for 10 hours. How much dose it cost for one person to stay for 10 hours.

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Next we will be visiting the FC Barcelona Field.

You will be getting a tour for the locker room, For FC Barcelona and to get in it cost at least $50 for one pension. How much money would it cost for 10 people to go?

What you can do after the tore

You are allowed to stay after the tore and get their autographs. If 1 autograph cost $20. How much money would 20 autographs cost.
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