Kindergarten - Nov. 3-7, 2014

F. L. Moffett Primary Library


This week we continued to learn about both fiction and non-fiction. In social studies, we are studying about families. Non-fiction books are about real families. On the website,, we learned about blended families, step-families, single parent families, and adoptive families. There are lots of different kinds of families. Each family loves the people in their family.
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Books about make-believe families are called fiction. These stories are about made up, just pretend characters who are many times animals that talk and do other things that people do. These books entertain us and many times make us laugh. Also, they reminded us of our real families.
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Veterans Day books and websites helped to explain and describe the holiday, Veterans Day. We viewed a website called to learn about Veterans Day. We learned that some people celebrate this holiday by having special parades in honor of veterans.
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The book, The Wall , by Eve Bunting is about a young boy and his father. Together, they visit a memorial for veterans. The young boy's grandfather was a veteran. Even though the book is not exactly a true story, it makes us a little sad to see this dad and his son miss their dad and granddad.
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In the F. L. Moffett Library, there is a non-fiction book, Veterans Day , in both hardback and e-book format. It contained some of the same information as the PebbleGO website.

Both sources share that Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11.

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