Who do YOU want to date?


You have the ring. And I see that your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now, let's see how well you handle it. – Dark Helmet

Why this is a thing.

For years I have been searching for the perfect tau, somebody I could feel comftorable seeing daily and giving gifts to. If you feel just like me, continue reading.

5 qualities that will win me over.

1. If you know at least 31 digits of pi.

2. If you know what the name of the components of your computer.

3. Must be able to criticize.

4. If you can type over 115 wpm.

5. Knowing the 666'th pokemon

Don't be this; 5 qualities I abhor

1. Thinking the first pokemon invented was pikachu

2. Trying to calculate radians using pi

3. Being undedicated/irresponsible

4. Unable to learn from mistakes

5. iSheep

If you fit this match, there's still more.

You must be able to satisfy me in a date. Not a restaurant, or movie, because both of those are useless distractions. I would prefer a convention, like CES (consumer electronics show) or Apex. Useless conversation is talking for the sake of talking, not for an actual purpose. Money is simply a distraction. Entertain with information, share interests and argue over trivial points (Note: I'm trying to be a hypocrite here). We should go home earlier than normal dates, as it'll save time for other activities.
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By: Andrew Gil