Happy 88th Deathday, John Henry!

88 years of being dead!

The great John Henry has been dead for 88 years. Let's celebrate his life!

Paul Bunyan's beloved Babe, the great blue ox, has agreed to host this party along with John's BFF, Little Bill!

John Henry's deathday!

Wednesday, Sep. 16th 2015 at 9am-7:30pm

West Virginia 3

Hinton, WV

Bring anyone in your family, each person needs to bring the BIGGEST, HEAVIEST hammer they have! RSVP no later than the day before at jhenryfans@gmail.com

Party Schedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:00-guests arrive

9:15-funeral celebration

9:30-gifts for John (gifts will be placed by grave)



11:20-cake & ice cream & cupcakes

11:50-documentary about John Henry's life


1:55-writing your own story about John's life

2:25-books go to judges (Slue Foot Sue, Sourdough Sam, and Polly Ann)

3:35-prizes to best boy & girl author, best book, most interesting book, & most creative

4:00-everyone writes a song

5:00-songs go to judges

5:30-prizes go out (same as last time)

6:15-Paul Bunyan sings the best songs (dinner & more desert at this time)

7:15-a dance around John's grave

7:30-guests leave


Everyone needs to bring a hammer. If you have any questions on how big the hammer has to be or how it should look, contact us or visit our headquarters.



Everyone gets their hammer and digs to the finish line against everyone else, or.................................DIE TRYING LIKE JOHN HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Every one gets a blind fold with their hammer in their hand. They get spun around and try to get their hammer in the life-size statue of John Henry's hand! Whoever gets the closest wins and is crowned John Henry's BFF!


Everyone gets a set of toy train tracks, only they are LIFE SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have 10 minutes to make a track. Davy Crockett then gets real live trains and puts them on the tracks. Whoever has the best track wins!


Everyone gets a turn to race a train. Whoever gets the best distance between them and the train and stays in the lead, wins!


Every one gets a board with 9 nails that you need to pound in. You get your hammer and pound the nails in. But be careful! The nails will keep popping up on you, so you will need to be quick! Whoever gets all 9 nails to stay in for 5 seconds first, wins!


  • Hammerburgers
  • Nail Fries
  • Track 'N' Cheese
  • Tunnel Cake

Wish List!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 500-pound Hammer
  • Nails
  • Train-track set to go around his grave (make sure that it looks like the Big Bend Tunnel)
  • Mine cart
  • Rocks