Augusto Pinochet


How did Augusto Pinochets's military backround assist him in the overthrowing of the Chilean Goverment

Rise to Power

Augusto Pinochet born November 26 1915, was a graduated infantry officer in 1937 rose through the ranks of the Chilean Military. One of his duties was professor in Geopolitics and he also was head of a prison camp for communist cospicaters this is where he became repulsed by leftist ways. On September 11 1973 Pinochet took power and banned all rival political parties censored media and purged communist and liberals. Pinochet did not hesitate to consolidate power and remove political opponents by any means necessary and his ruthless side has been made clear when he executed and tortured a rough total of around 3,000 people.

Augusto Pinochet

CIA, Chile & Allende

Augusto Pinochet Essay

Augusto Pinochet used the Army Ranks to rise to power by rising to a position where he could influence the military to assist him in a government takeover. Pinochet began his career as an infantry officer ,but through years of service and education in the field led Pinochet to be promoted to such a position to where he could use them to overthrow Allende and his leftist party. Like most great leaders of revolutions are have very high intelligence and are very conniving and deceiving, and Pinochet was no different when he schemed up a secret partnership with the CIA so he could take control of Chile and purge of political competition.