FFF Auckland CBD

Core Leaders Meeting: [May 12] Meetings NOTES and ACTIONS


Items 1a - 1 h below: No further action needed - we rejoice at God's goodness. To review on a monthly basis to ensure all continues to flow well

  • BJ to coach on how to do the clean up dishes


Item 3: Area of major concern as we have grown only 50% of our attendees are linked to ongoing follow up. Therefore we propose to:

  • Develop a draft pastoral><leaders matrix nett [Paul to do this]
  • Call a special meeting of all, Core L, Leaders and Potential Leaders on May 26 at 6.30 pm [BJ to cook a meal]. At this gathering outline the 5 yr history, the 2016 problem and the 2016 solution. [15 leaders each caring for 4 units] To do this we need to double the team of active leaders. Roger to facilitate this ad oversee implementation

Item 4: Ramad planning, Friday prayers and Feast. This is under control, Paul and Roger are the working team

Item 5: Auckland GS, ten churches each with a key contact person, see AGS meeting notes from last week

Item 6: To invite Negin and Dorothy to CLeaders in person or by direct communication

Item 7: Ongoing giving to FFF via TAB continue to be facilitated

Item 8: CLeaders meeting to transfer to a home for June, start at 6.30 pm with a PLuck meal, input uplift and meeting agenda. To finish by 9.00 pm. Julie to advise re their place. [Watch this space] Bruce to oversee

Item 9: Fourth Thursday once back into a pattern to start with a significant [30 min] spiritual input to build up all attending. Roger to oversee

Item 10: We shared around the highlights and the list went on and on, we stand in awe of God's provision and goodness. Paul's report provided fantastic ongoing evidence and stories to be the basis for ongoing prayer.

Item 11: Sermon input must be 15 min MAX, study group time to be 35 mins, a 5 minute warning to be given. Food to be delayed till 6.15 pm, Childrens programme to be extended till 6.15 pm

Item 12: Next meeting to review

  • P&E parental leave
  • Pastoral network [cracks sorted]

Core Leaders May 12 @ 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm TAB LOUNGE

FFF Core Leaders Monthly Meeting: Agenda

PLEASE take some time to pray before the meeting

Please think about other issues that we need to address and jot them down so you remember these

Issues arising from past meeting [s’] Delegations

a. IT [Daniel in process/back up needed]

b. Transport [Still needing a PIC]

c. Kitchen [Negin has this flowing well]

d. Set up [Those who arrive early are doing this well]

e. Clean up [Negin is sorting a roster]

f. Kitchen protocols so everything is left in place - needing an appointee ?

g Admin Negin is working well

h. Kids helpers to review and advise

2. Pot Luck Dinner implementation [flowing well ? feedbacks?]

3. Pastoral teams [Not working well yet ? not sure it is flowing and being picked up by all ? what needs to happen to ensure this part works well ?



Thinking about the past month:

  • Sunday gatherings
  • MBB BS
  • Queen Esther
  • Growth Strategy

· What has gone well ?

· What has not gone well?

· What do we need to do to change/improve?


  • To review all MBB and attendees

Finances [Paul to email summary report]

Leadership report [Paul to email summary report]

Cover for Parental Paul and Esther