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No fault Claims

A no fault insurance is any insurance contract which requires the insurance company to indemnify the insured for losses, no matter whose fault it is. It is very similar to a first-party coverage. The term “no-fault is the term used in most state insurance laws. The policyholder is entitled to be reimbursed by the insurance company issuing the policy, without the need of any proof of fault. However, every state puts a limit to the reimbursement of medical expenses. If you exceed the reimbursable limit, you have to personally pay for the balance. There is also a limit on loss of income.

State law also requires the insured to cooperate with the insurance company. The insured is required to execute a recorded statement and to submit to a medical examination to be done by a physician chosen by the insurance company. Failure of the insured to cooperate with the insurance company will be a ground to deny and terminate the claim for benefits.

That is why it makes sense to contact a good lawyer for your no fault claim. As an ordinary person, you will have no knowledge about reimbursement limits, as they may vary from state to state. You will not know how to file your claim and what is expected from you. You have to seek the services of a personal injury lawyer in Edmonton to protect you of your rights and to file your no fault claim.

No fault claims involve a complicated process. An ordinary person would only be confused about the different reimbursement limitations in a particular state as compared to another state. He cannot understand why there is a limitation and why he has to pay for the balance of his medical expenses. It takes a legal mind to understand all this. That is why it is better to see a lawyer before filing your claim.

There are lawyers who are experts in handling no fault claims to choose the one who can provide you with the need you are particularly looking for, you need to know some characteristics of a good personal injury lawyer in Edmonton. First he must be knowledgeable. He is very well-versed with the laws covering no fault claims. His track record will prove how knowledgeable he is. He must also be experienced in a no fault claim. Check how many claims involving no fault he has handled and how many of them were able to successfully get compensation. Check if he has ever handled a no fault claim like yours.

Another thing to consider is his tenacity. Is he hard working? Will he pursue your case to the end and not leave you hanging in the air while he is doing another claim? Will he study your case thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned?

A good lawyer will also be accessible to you. You can easily communicate with him. If there are questions you would like to ask, he has the time to discuss it with you. A good lawyer is also sensitive and compassionate to your feelings. He will make you comfortable when you are talking together.