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Some of the best apps for secondary level language teachers


Byki is an online flashcard application. It is super useful for vocabulary practice. It is available in dozens of languages including French, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese, Italian, Russian and Portuguese. The app is free but there is also the option for a paid upgraded version.

Here is a link to Byki's website:

Byki Tutorial Part 1


This app uses crowd-sourcing as part of its language-learning system and so it has the ability to reach the modification or redefinition levels of SAMR. At the beginning there is a lot of flashcards for learning new words but as the student advances they can practice writing and answering questions which will then be marked by other users who speak the learnt language natively. Free users can only learn one language at a time but there is a possible upgrade for 24.99 per month.

here is a link to Busuu's website:

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One of the best reviewed language apps around! Duolingo has online drills to learn basic words, phrases, and grammar. This app reaches the Augmentation to Modification level of SAMR because students have the ability to practice translations of real world content from blogs and websites. One drawback of Duolingo is that only a handful of languages are available (French, Spanish, German, Portuguese).

Here is a link to Duolingo's Website:

Duolingo Intro


SoundNote tracks what you type and draw as well as records audio from the classroom so that students who have a hard time keeping up in lecture can review the content as they need, and not be stressed in class. During playback all a student must do is tap a written word from their notes and the app will automatically take them to the audio at that point of the lecture. This app can be considered a UDL tool.

Here is a link to SoundNote's website:

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Socrative Teacher

This app allows teachers to create quick question polls, quizzes, and space races to help educators get immediate student feedback on lesson topics. This app can be used to gage student comprehension as the subject is being taught and also keeps students engaged in learning. This app is free and easy for any student or teacher to download onto their apple device.

Here is a link to Socrative's website:

Socrative introduction video (new)