Egypt people build rapids and Pharaoh

Pharaoh people

they are the rulers of Egypt and people and the pharaoh are the powerful people of Egypt too. the Pharaoh went to war because they are threatened and killed Pharaoh was very nice to people. the pharaohs holding the titles of lord of two lands and high priest of Every Temple.

Dynasty and Delta

series of rulers from the same family. Egypt people made pyramid on land and from soil deposited by a river. the Pharaoh help people to build pyramid and build people by a memory of them when they are nice are help them.

were the Egypt people live

they live in North Africa and live near a ocean just by Greece and by Sinai a land the Nile River so important because we can learn about what they did in the Nile River what they do or what happen to them or how they make food. it can make a farm their or catch fish in the Nile River they sell them to get money and to survive
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Rosetta stone

Rosetta stone is a stone with writing on it in two languages (Egypt and Greece) the people found out in 1799 the Rosetta stone was the key to unlock the Egypt writing to learn about what they saying about the writing. This was important because it is to unlocked the writing to Know about what they are saying and to learn about Egypt people they found it in Egypt
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social hierarchy

pharaohs is at the top they rule Egypt and they are kings and queens they are the government they do anything. the second one is Viziers they get bad people from doing bad laws like stealing money or gold they get them and take them to the pharaohs they are cops. the third one is high nobles and priests the nobles they paint or make pharaohs pyramid. the priest they carry food and to drinks to the pharaohs. the four officers they do army and they fight for them. the five craftsman they build house for pharaohs and people and made swords for the army and shields. the six the slave they work with pharaohs and slaves they do farmed crops and clean out house. laborers they are masters and workers.