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Monday, November 16, 2015

Social Studies: On the Road to Revolution

We had our unit test on Friday, so this week we will be starting a new unit. This is especially big news because it is one of the most exciting and interesting topics in history - the American Revolution!

It is also very exciting because, as part of this unit, we will begin watching parts of what is probably my favorite movie/TV show of all-time, John Adams. In case you are not familiar with this, it was a 7-part miniseries that was shown on HBO a few years ago. It is based on a book (which I would also highly recommend) by historian David McCullough, and draws heavily on the hundreds of letters that John Adams and his wife, Abigail, exchanged throughout their lives.

I highly recommend this series, but please be aware that there are a few brief scenes which may be inappropriate for younger viewers (probably only a minute or two out of a series that runs about 9 hours). Obviously, we will be viewing only selected parts of the series, and we will be very careful to avoid showing anything remotely inappropriate . . . I just wanted to give you a heads up in case your child talks about it and wants to watch it at home (or if you have already seen it and are concerned about this).

Math: Rates & Algebra

Period 2 will continue to work with rates.

All other classes will begin chapter 6 . . . . algebra!!!!!

I love algebra! It's going to be so fun !!

Thank you for your support!

All classes: Please look HERE for thoughts on how to help your child succeed in Mrs. Olvany's math class.

English: Monday - a test and a new project!

Students are taking a figurative language test today.

We will also be introducing book projects on Monday as well. These projects will be due December 14th. Click HERE to view the Book in a Bag Project Instructions.

Canandaigua All-Stars vs. Harlem Wizards

On Wednesday, December 2nd, a team of teachers (including a certain well-known social studies teacher / point guard) and other stars from our school district will take on the Harlem Wizards in a charity basketball game as a fundraiser for the Canandaigua PTSA. The game is at the Academy at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $15 at the door, but $10 in advance, so if you plan on attending, it is worthwhile to buy your tickets ahead of time. (Tickets are available at each school's main office as well as at Canandaigua National Banks).

This Week

Wednesday - CMS Small Ensemble Concert, Jazz Band, Girls Chorale, Middlemen, & Fiddle Club.

Friday - Report Cards will be mailed home.

Next Week: Happy Thanksgiving!

As you probably already know, Thanksgiving is next week, so we have school on Monday and Tuesday only. Therefore, we will most likely not send out any Team Cayuga News next week (unless we think of something important that we forgot to include this week). Enjoy the holiday and the time off!

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