Explore Outer Space Safely!

By: Alex Schauer

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Since your looking at this advertisement right now I am guessing you want to go to space and see the awesomeness in our galaxy. You're going to see Main sequence stars, Nebulae, Red giants, Red super giants, White dwarfs, black dwarfs, Supernovas, Neutron stars, Black Holes, and much, much more. If any of these interest you, then "come and visit the final frontier, before it is the end of the year."

For more details on what each object I stated is, Look below.

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So since you seen all the awesome objects that are in the universe you might not be interested in going on this trip anymore, right? This is just a glimpse of what types you will see to see the whole universe. You haven't lived until you have a full collection of pictures of every color of main sequence star! If that doesn't please you, try and record a pulsar! To buy tickets you should go to https://ThisIsTotallyNotAFakeWebside.com/shop/tickets. "Come and visit the final frontier, before it is the end of the year."

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concept art for a black dwarf by © David Darling

Picture of rocket: http://www.spaceanswers.com/space-exploration/exclusive-illustration-of-russias-planned-angara-7-heavy-lift-rocket/

3. The rest of the pictures are from the courtesy of NASA, thanks NASA!