By:Karla Gomez

State Debt

  • The national government should assume
all state debts & should fund debts at full
value .

  • The states should retain their own debts,
States like Virginia who paid off their debts
should not have to help more negligible
states pay off their debt

National Bank

  • The Democratic-Republicans believed in protecting the interests of the working classes,merchants, farmers, and laborers. They believed that an agrarian economy would best serve these citizens.

  • They saw the establishment of a National Bank of the United States which Hamilton strongly favored as a means of usurping power that belonged to individual states and they also believed that they wouldn't be rich.

French Revolution

  • The founding of a network of over forty Democratic-Republican Societies throughout the young nation between 1793-1796 triggered fears of disorder among Federalist elites. These political associations were known by Republican or Democratic.

  • Members of these societies expressed strong support for the French Revolution and fellowship with democratic radicals throughout the Atlantic world. Most members were from the laboring classes and included many who were traditionally denied a political voice.

Power of the National Government

  • The Democratic-Republican Party was the dominant political party in the early years of Ohio's statehood. This is evident in the Ohio Constitution of 1803, which established a relatively weak government with the legislative branch holding most of the power.

  • Most of Ohio's earliest political officials were Democratic-Republicans, including Thomas Worthington one of Ohio's first two United States Senators.

Alien and Sedition Acts

  • The Federalist Party led by Alexander Hamilton aimed to create a stable and secure country, safe for business and wealthy men of property.

  • The opposition Democratic-Republican Party was bitterly opposed to the Federalists. Led by Thomas Jefferson, it tended to represent poor farmers, craftsmen, and recent immigrants.

  • The party was commonly referred as the Republicans.

War within Britain in 1812

  • By the time war started in 1812, Federalist opposition to Republican foreign policy was nothing new,But once the war began that opposition took new forms. In the Federalist stronghold resistance was greatest.

  • Boston's town meeting passed a resolution condemning the war the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a resolution urging outright resistance.

National Leader Of Party

Thomas Jeffersons & James Madison

Partys Beliefs

They believed that the British would help them during any war so they supported France by entering war against Britain.