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News from dōTERRA for July

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Classes for July & August

Current Spring Class List

All classes on this list will be held at Rosauers at 332 Thain Rd, Lewiston, ID.

7/10/14 Thursday 6:30 PM—Introduction to Essential Oils

7/14/14 Monday 6:30 PM—Mood Management with Essential Oils

8/5/14 Thursday 6:30 PM—Pain Management with Essential Oils

8/14/14Thursday 6:30 PM—Emergency Oils

Pullman Classes:

7/8/14 Tuesday 5:30 PM - Intro to Essential Oils @ Starbucks in Pullman

7/17/14 Thursday 5:30 PM - Mood Management @ Starbucks in Pullman

8/7/14 Thursday 5:30 PM - Pain Management @ Starbucks in Pullman

8/11/14 Monday 5:30 PM - Emergency Oils@ Starbucks in Pullman

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Call or email me for more info or to host a class and receive free oils.