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March is here! We had a Fantastic February and we are looking forward to a Super Spring! In February, 5th graders participated in a Harlem Renaissance Cafe; all students voted for their favorite Book Award nominee; we hosted Digital Learning Day; and Kindergarten students celebrated the 100th day of school by reading 100 books in 100 minutes! We also enjoyed guest readers for World Read Aloud Day and last week, we kicked off March activities by participating in Read Across America Week/Dr. Seuss' birthday with guest readers - thank you to Mrs. Weeks for all of her help lining up readers! We are going to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday all month long with Seuss themed activities in our MakerSpace and a special Oobleck lesson with 3rd grade. Next month, we are looking forward to our author/illustrator visit, School Library Month, and more!

Please let us know what we can help you with!


Mrs. Byrd Fort, Mrs. Sheely, Mrs. Gobbi, and Ms. Burkett

Matthew Cordell

Matthew Cordell is an author and an illustrator. He will be coming to NPES on Tuesday, April 5! An order form will be going home for students to order his books (to be signed the day of his visit). We will be talking about his books with students over the next month to prepare! We are excited that he is coming to see us...THANK YOU to our PTA and to the Lexington School of Music for sponsoring his visit! You can learn more about Matthew Cordell by visiting his website: http://www.matthewcordell.com/

Parents! Teachers! Students! Make a READING Resolution for the NEW YEAR!


The New Providence Elementary School Learning Commons Team would like to encourage you and your family to make a READING RESOLUTION this year! Did you know that reading aloud together, as a family, is beneficial for ALL members of your family? Many of our younger students hear a bedtime story each night before bed, but the older our students get, the less they hear these bedtime stories. No matter how old your child is, make a resolution to read aloud together before bed EVERY night!

To help you with your resolution, we are excited to announce the 2016 Roary’s Reading Resolution Challenge! We would like to challenge you and your family to read aloud together for 101 Nights. Our challenge will run January 11 - May 13.

We know that making and keeping a resolution is not easy. So, to help keep you motivated, there will be monthly drawings for a small family prize! Each month, we will ask that you send pictures to us of your family reading aloud together. We will share these pictures via social media using the hashtag #RoaryReads2016. Pictures will also be shared on a display in the Learning Commons. You can email pictures to npes@lexington1.net (use RoaryReads2016 as the subject).

  • March 22 - Prize drawing from pictures we receive of NPES family selfies (must include a good book, of course!)

  • April 26 - Prize drawing from pictures we receive of NPES families reading outside!

  • May 17 - Prize drawing from all of the Summer Reading Resolution Pledges we receive!

You can read aloud in the car, at bedtime, waiting at the doctor’s office or anytime that YOU create! It does not have to be 101 consecutive days/nights, but what an AWESOME goal! There will not be a log or anything to fill out! Just a pledge to say you are up for the challenge! Please let us know if you have any questions!

South Carolina Book Award Program

The votes are in! NPES Kindergarten - 2nd grade students voted What if you had Animal Teeth!? as their favorite South Carolina Picture Book Award Nominee and NPES 3rd - 5th grade students voted Duke as their favorite South Carolina Children's Book Award Nominee! Students from all over South Carolina voted and the state wide winners are The Day the Crayons Quit and Duke! All EXCELLENT books! Learn more about the South Carolina Book Award Program at this link: http://www.scasl.net/book-awards

Makerspace Moments

Our Makerspace is an area where students and teachers can go to create, explore, and learn. Each month, our Makerspace has a Spotlight Activity where students can explore during Makerspace Moments. In March, we are focusing on DR.SEUSS! We will be making Cat in the Hat hats and learning how to draw Dr. Seuss characters for bookmarks! While we love our repeat customers, please only send students to our Seuss Makerspace one time this month!

Makerspace Moments are Tuesdays and Thursdays - 7:30am - 8am. Each classroom teacher has 3 passes. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Pi Day!

March 14 (3.14) is PI DAY!

Here are some resources you may want to use in your classroom to celebrate!

2nd - 5th grade iPad UPDATE!

Good news (we hope!)...you can now keep grade level iPads in your classroom. We have delivered the grade level iPads to the Grade Level Chairs and (as a grade level), you decide how to distribute the iPads (4 or 5 per classroom; maybe keep as a classroom set to be housed in the Grade Level Chair's classroom; etc.). Please remember we are always happy to help you! We are trying to get more chargers from the District Office...in the meantime, you are welcome to use the charging station available in our Makerspace (Brenda Burkett's office). We will collect all iPads at the end of the school year.

Some helpful tips/suggestions:

*Develop a "check out" system when students are using the iPads so that you know which student is using a particular iPad.

*If you need a class set of iPads, consider borrowing among each other.

*Please download apps from the App Catalog - if an app you want is not in the App Catalog, please let us know and we will add it. Directions on how to download an app from the App Catalog are below.

*Consider downloading apps that students can use for "content creation" such as Buncee, Doodle Buddy, PicKids, Tellagami, 30Hands, Puppet Edu, Write About This, etc. The iPad can be used for much more than "skill & drill"! If you need help, let us know!

*If a screen gets cracked, please put in a work order immediately. Cracked screens can cut your fingers!

Directions for downloading an app using the App Catalog

FYI - The App Catalog is NOT the same as the App Store.

You may install any apps in the App Catalog. The password is the same for all iPads...if you do not know what it is, please ask us!

If you need an app that is not in the App Catalog, you can submit it to us in the Learning Commons to add to the App Catalog via AirWatch OR you can download it yourself through the App Store. The password is the same.

The advantage of using AirWatch and the App Catalog is that we can “push” the same apps to all the iPads in the school for possible downloading. Teachers or students would not have to actually do a search of the App Store to find the needed app each time on every iPad.

If you need help, please let us know!

Lion Cub Storytime

Each month, we host a story time for little friends who are not yet old enough to attend NPES. Here are this year's Lion Cub Story Time dates (they all start at 9am):

March 18

April 29

Please share these dates in your classroom newsletter!

Save the Date!

Watch for details about these upcoming events in YOUR Learning Commons!

April 5 - Author Visit - Matthew Cordell

April 21 - Meet at Main with Porkchop Productions (Lexington County Public Library)

May 6 - Lunch Hero Day!

May 23 - May 27 - BOOK FAIR

Also watch for details about the Blowfish Reading Program and MORE!

Learning Commons Team Schedule

Looking for Mrs. Byrd Fort, Mrs. Sheely, Mrs. Gobbi or Ms. Burkett?

Mrs. Byrd Fort is at NPES 7am - 11:30am every day.

Mrs. Sheely is at NPES 11am - 3pm every day.

Mrs. Gobbi is at NPES 7:30am - 3pm every day (lunch at 12pm).

Ms. Burkett is at NPES 7:30am - 3pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, every other Friday.

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The Vision and Mission of the New Providence Elementary School Learning Commons is to ensure that students and teachers are effective users of ideas and information in regards to both print and digital resources. We strive to provide library materials and services appropriate to the curriculum of the school and to provide library materials and services that meet the information and recreational needs of the learning community and that will encourage and support Common Core State Standards as well as the 4 C's - Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication. We provide opportunities for collaboration between the Learning Commons Team (Teacher Librarians, Library Assistant, Technology Integration Specialist) and the Classroom Teacher to integrate information literacy, digital literacy, book love and technology into instruction.