Week 10 Term 3

The Home Straight!

The week at a glance


  • Jason and Liz on LSL
  • St Mary's Year 10 work experience students begin in PP and Year 2/3 - whole week
  • Mini assembly
  • PE today
  • Finance meeting


  • Jason and Liz on LSL


  • Jason and Liz on LSL


  • Jason and Liz on LSL
  • Staff meeting (online module to be completed: Manual tasks in Professional leaning tab of portal - complete by start of term)


  • Jason and Liz on LSL
  • After-school catch up in the staff room

Staff meeting replacement

Rather than having a face-to-face meeting on the penultimate day of term, there is an online module to complete. This should be completed by all teachers by the start of Term 4 - flick Jason and I an email once done so that we can make a record of it.

Come and see me if you are unable to locate it on the portal.

End of term clean up

· The jobs that need to be done before we leave for holidays. The cleaners are not paid to do these things and it will assist everyone to come back to a clean and tidy school next term.

o Turn off all ICT equipment at the power point – don’t forget room 1 (not ipad trolleys)

o Stack chairs

o Remove items from desk tops

o Remove tape and Blu Tac from walls

o Clean whiteboards

o Pickup everything from the floors

o Ensure students take home everything – don’t leave things in the passageway, hats, jumpers etc.

o Don’t leave excessive rubbish in the classroom for Sumali – ask students to take it to the bin or start cleaning out classroom a few days before end of term. Boxes need to be opened flat.

o Ensure all iPads are returned to the docking station.

o Tidy your Cost Centre area

o Tidy staffroom – throw all food out.

o If you use sports equipment on the last day ensure all equipment is picked up from oval and locked away in shed

o Ensure all jackets, hats etc are picked up from the oval

o Empty worm scraps bucket

o Sumali is going to shampoo carpet in rooms 6, 7 and reception. Please remove as much as you can from the floor

o Sumali will also be stripping and polishing floor in room 8. Once again, remove as much as you can from the floor

Term 4 Events

Please review the Term 4 planner that I have placed on the whiteboard in the staff room. All excursions and incursions for Term 4 need to be approved this term by Erica or myself. Please be organised with this as the term planner will be sent to all families in week 1.

The year 56 class is planning to be on excursion the last day of school. An option to consider might be a school picnic for the rest of us at school / Deanmore Sq. Can staff in PP-4 have a chat and pool your thoughts.

Thank you

Thank you to all of our staff for the huge effort you have put in this term - it has been a long and incredibly busy one, and you have certainly all earned the imminent break. Rest up and enjoy!