2011 Bastrop Fires

By Faith Sudduth

The Bastrop Fires - Description

The Bastrop fire was most destructive in Wildfire history in Texas History.

killing wild-life and Striking Areas in Bastrop In September and October 2011.

The first fire started on September 4, 2011.

Because of power-lines falling.


Ecological Impact

The Wild-Life had The most impact of anything.

Hundreds of Poor Animals died from anything to Cattle to Domestic Pets.

Another Impact was the Land more than 34,068 acres of land were destroyed.

1,673 homes were destroyed and 2 people were killed.

Restoration efforts

It will take a generation or more for the Lost woods to recover from the fire from this Catastropic Fire. When the fire was going on people would try to put the fires out but the flames were to strong.


Watch the Video above for restoration