Terrors of a Tsunami

Huge ocean monsters!

The Money Wasting Cost of a Tsunami

A cost of a tsunami varies between where they hit and the destruction of a tsunami. The tsunami in Japan costed around 309 billion dollars. The tsunami in Indonesia costed around 15 billion which was less than the one in Japan. The reason for this is because Japan had an oil spill and a nuclear power plant go hit by the tsunami. The tsunami of 2004 in Indonesia was still deadly though but less costly.

3 of the most destructive tsunamis in history

The most destructive tsunami in history was in 2004, Indian Ocean. This tsunami reached the height of 50 meters! The death toll of this tsunami was about 230,000 people!

The tsunami of Japan was the second most destructive! This tsunami caused an oil spill and a caused a nuclear power plant to get hit by a tsunami. The death toll of this tsunami was about 16,000 people. November 1, 1755 a tsunami hit Portugal, Spain, and Morocco. The death toll was about 60,000!

Fun Facts

  • The first wave of a tsunami is usually weak!
  • Tsunami means harbor wave in Japanese
  • Scientist think that a 1720 feet hit Alaska in the early 1500's!
  • 80% of tsunamis are in the ring of fire
  • The deadliest tsunami was the tsunami was in 2004