June 19, 2023

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The project is a pioneering initiative that seeks to establish lasting partnerships in EL51/RO22/BG33/MD03/GE03/TR90, with the aim of upgrading heritage-based tourism offers and promoting investment opportunities in the Cultural and Creative Industries in the Black Sea Basin. The project is launching a new tourism heritage mobility and consumption pattern, globally known as the UNESCO EXPERIENTIAL HERITAGE CORRIDOR. This unique multimodal tourism product-service set with 60 selling points in the BSB incorporates heritage education into leisure time, as recommended by the Council of Europe!

Dear friends and colleagues, discover the world of HERiPRENEURSHIP!

We have created a platform where all the information about the 60 locations from the project is available:

  • history
  • interesting facts
  • photos
  • videos

The aim of the platform is to provide you with up-to-date information about the locations, so you can be aware of all the news and be able to organize your events based on the details. And of course, for constant education about the world of HERiPRENEURSHIP.

Here is the link to the platform:

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May & June 2023 - the months of HERiPRENEURSHIP events!

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Eastern Black Sea Silk Road: the Pilot Route of DOKA

The Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) was the primary host of the fifth study visit in the period 30th April – 3rd of May in Trabzon. The event gathered the partner representatives, their stakeholders and local actors who got aware of the local characteristics and elements of the pilot route developed within the project. During the study visit, a press conference, a workshop to evaluate the locations and a strategic meeting of the project partners was organized. These events provided the opportunity for project participants to discuss strategies and make plans for the project’s continuation.

The International delegation in TÜRKIYE, hosted by DOKA

  • 09.05.2023 - 11.05.2023

The Eastern Black Sea Development Agency hosted 3 North African tour operators. They attended to the event and visit the pilot project area in Trabzon and Gümüşhane. Moreover, a B2B event was also held and Turkish and North African tour operators developed a work environment together. The guests left the city delightedly and said that they would bring tourists from their country to Trabzon.

The International delegation in GEORGIA, hosted by TeSaU

  • 30.05.2023 - 02.06.2023

Telavi State University of Georgia hosted an exciting 2-day event HERiPRENEURSHIP for international tour operators. These tour operators were specifically invited after successful B2B meetings held at ITB Berlin 2023. The international delegation included tour operators from the Netherlands, Türkiye and Armenia, as well as a British-Berliner journalist. They were treated to an unforgettable experience of the Georgian part of the UNESCO corridor. The tour included Fam tours, press tours, stakeholders consolation events (which were carried out for the second time by TeSaU), and a press conference.

The International delegation in MOLDOVA, hosted by ANTRIM

  • 16.06.2023

In order to present the itinerary created within the project and the media deliverables, ANTRIM conducted a familiarization tour for 10 local and international representatives from the tourism industry. Throughout the day, they visited the tourist destinations within the itinerary and project: Muzeul Naţional de Etnografie şi Istorie Naturală, Complexul de Meşteşuguri “Artă Rustică”, Chateau Vartely Winery. Latter on they had B2B sessions with representatives of Rezervația Cultural-Naturală ”Orheiul Vechi” and Primăria Municipiului Chișinău, addressing topics such as promoting destinations through audiovisual materials and aligning businesses to the criteria of sustainability and sustainable development.

One week discovering Romania together with HERiPRENEURSHIP!


Study visit. Evaluation Workshop. Project Partners Meeting. Fam Tour & Press Tour. International Conference. ICC Roving Fair.

05-11.06.2023 / Tulcea, Romania

The Romanian project partner “Danube Black Sea” University Foundation kindly hosted the Final International Conference § Study visit in Tulcea. All partners, national stakeholders, guests and speakers had the chance to discover the hidden treasures of the Danube Delta thanks to the extremely extensive and valuable program, prepared by the team of the host partner.

  • The two days study visits to 10 mesmerizing locations included in the project provided an opportunity to see the Danube Delta’s heritage, eco-tourism, and adventure-filled landscapes. The breathtaking nature and immerses with a world of endless fauna of the Danube Delta cruising was accompanied by visits to the Aegessyus Fortress and Museum, Halmyris and Enisala Fortress, Orgame Fortress, Mila 23 and Letea Forest around Tulcea, Romania.

  • During one day cruising on the Danube Delta, an Evaluation Workshop and Project Partners Meeting was implemented with the participation of all partner organizations.
  • International Conference “Sustainable Tourism, Heritage Management, and the Cultural and Creative Industries: Creating new investment opportunities at places of cultural significance” involved many experts in the area of tourism, digital culture and heritage entrepreneurship. The aim of the event was to gain a common understanding of the latest challenges in tourism heritage management, including climate change perspectives and to explore the potential of the cultural and creative industries for sustainable tourism. More than 50 research papers were presented at the International Conference!
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  • The Cultural and Creative Industries Roving Fair with participation of all partners and stakeholders was organized as a final event in Tulcea, Romania
Experience, emotions & feelings about the events

Project Partners share their personal experience, emotions & feelings about the events in Tulcea (Romania).

B1 TV - HAI CU NOI ED 8 din 18 06 2023

Finally, we celebrated the success of the project in Tulcea!

The HERIPRENEURSHIP cake surprise by the host partner -

the “Danube Black Sea” University Foundation, located in Mangalia (Romania)

Digital billboards at the IST-Türkiye promoting the HERiPRENEURSHIP pilot routes

💁‍♀️We are happy to announce, that in Istanbul International Airport, Turkey, every tourist can see promoted 60 Destinations from HERiPRENEURSHIP... | By Heripreneurship | Facebook

We are happy to announce, that in Istanbul International Airport (Türkiye) every tourist can see promoted 60 Destinations from HERiPRENEURSHIP project!

Now, while waiting for your flight, you have the opportunity to learn more about UNESCO sites from project partner countries.


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