World Issues


If a woman is to a male alcoholic and there are children under the age of 18 in the family, nine out of ten the woman will stay with the man. This relates to his battle because rosemary could leave him but rosemary stays and that is worse for him because he knows she will stay.But if she were to leave he would have to stop drinking so that he could get her back.

civil disobedience

In this article it says that people who engage in civil obedience are usually able to accept the legal consequences of their actions. This relates to the book because Billy went to shoot their house and they shot back cops showed up and wanted them to come to court the next day. instead of staying and facing what was going to happen Rex had a better idea. In the morning he made them "pack up" and leave. he also moves them around a lot because he doesn't like to pay bills and taxes

Mental conditions

Rex walls suffered from depression and there wasn't really anybody to support him or help him through especially when his mom died. his kids laughed at a joke about her so that probably made it worse and his biggest supporter was alcohol. So the worse it got the more he drank
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Parental rights

Based on the terminating parental rights they rex and rose mary should not have their kids because of neglect. also because of long term alcohol which affected the children
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School nattendance laws

Jeanette's parents were committing educational neglect which is failure to ensure your children attend school which is required by law.
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