by Anna


A place that I would like to go in my live is Hawaii. Hawaii is a state located in the middle d

of the Pacific Ocean. There are eight main islands that make up Hawaii. I will tell you why I want to go to Hawaii, the culture of Hawaii, and three interesting facts about Hawaii.

Why I would what to go to Hawaii.

I want to go to Hawaii sometime in my life so I can swim in the ocean.First of all, I want to go to Hawaii because my dad has went to Hawaii and it looks like a lot of fun. Also in Hawaii you can see so many animals like turtles. I think it would be fun to look at animals. I want to see so many animals that I have never seen before. The last reason is I have heard they have good food in. They have coconuts and really good fresh fruit that they grow. Those are three reasons that I want to go to Hawaii in my live.


I will tell you three reasons about Hawaii’s culture . People celebrate luaus that are parties they dance , and sing. People in Hawaii will give you a flower necklaces as a welcome, but you can’t take it off in public only in private. If you take it off in public it is rude to Hawaii’s people. The last reason is music,music is a really important because they have popular songs in Hawaii’s culture.Those are reasons about Hawaii's culture.

Interesting facs

I will share three interesting things about Hawaii. Hawaii’s people speak mostly Hawaiian, and English. As many as 1,500 kinds of seashells are can be found in Hawaii’s waters. The last reason is that in 1778 an explorer named Captain James found the hawaiian islands. Those are the sentences about Hawaii.


I have learned a lot about Hawaii, so I really hope i’ll get to go there someday. In Hawaii they have lots of islands. I have learned that music is really important to Hawaii’s culture. I have also learned that luaus are parties and you can dance and sing to the music. Also in Hawaii, their music has really popular songs.