Albert Einstein

By: Theresa

Mr. Albert Einstein was one of the worlds greatest mathmeticians. He changed the world of math and science. He used his brilliant skills to come up with formulas and equations. He was born in Germany on March 14th 1879. He immigrated to New Jersey when the NAZIS took over after World War 2 during the Zionist Movement. He worked in a patients office with electromagnetic devices. He also took several classes including calculus that focused mainly on science and math during college and the rest of his school years. Al had so many accomplishments and achievements in his life. He won the Noble Peace Prize in 1921 and several more but a fun fact is that he designed the first fridge! Also, something you probably didnt know was that when he died in Princeton, NJ of April 1955 he was cremated. They removed his brain to keep. Doctors kept it and cut it into 200 pieces to give to researchers as a memory of the most famous world's genius.