Creating a Digital Portfolio

What is it?

A digital portfolio is an on-line collection used to showcase your best work. It doesn't replace a resume and cover letter, but it is an additional source that you can use to spotlight your achievements, interests, community service, and work history.

Why do I need one?

A digital portfolio gives you an edge in this digital edge. It can be accessed 24-7, and allows your prospective employers to learn more about you than you can share in a simple resume.

How should I create one?

Depending on the format you choose, there are a wide variety of free resources.

For a professional looking digital portfolio resume, consider or

You could also create a simple one-page summary of your accomplishments and link it to your social media accounts. Two user-friendly options for portfolio snapshots are About.Me and Linkedin.

For websites and blogs, there are free websites such as Wordpress, Yola, and Portfoliobox.

Tips and suggestions

  • Keep it simple! While you want to showcase your best work, don't overwhelm the reader with too much information. Share the work that you feel is your best.
  • Use your social media accounts to connect with people who are experts in your chosen field.
  • If you are linking your portfolio to your social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram, keep in mind the importance of your digital footprint.
  • The photos you use should be appropriate for a professional environment.

In a recent article from USA Today, Marymount University coach Brandon Chambers was quoted as saying, “Never let a 140 character tweet cost you a $140,000 scholarship.” Having an page is sending a different message. It is saying, “here are my social networks and I encourage you to look at them.”

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